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Would you like to find out the newly-discovered (yet extremely simple} method that hundreds of busy women around the world have been using to not only flatten their belly, but also reduce stress in day-to-day life?

Me As A Living Proof

My journey from ZERO to ONE has been a journey of adventure and confidence development . When I was overweight, I had a certain satisfaction from over-eating. But it didn’t last long enough and that brought me much suffering. Then later I met people who inspired me to start training my muscles and also working on my diet, then I gradually magically began to notice I felt better and I actually looked beautiful. It was a journey of deep and exciting transformation, and never underestimate the POWER of planting a good seed. It will flourish in its OWN TIME. So the seeds were planted when someone said the words “why not take better care of yourself” to me, and other good seeds that led me on this journey of transformation. Now I couldn’t just keep my story to myself I want to share it with the world for people like you who will benefit from it which is why I’m so happy to offer various programs including FLAT BELLY “IN 6 WEEKS” as well as other specific programs that will suit YOUR NEEDS and make change FUN and EXCITING but most importantly PAIN-FREE in a short time!

About Me

Dorothy, Massage & Spa Clinic Owner; Coach & a Certified Massage Specialist. Our dedicated team of insideglow Therapists have practiced their skills on many thousands of clients who live and work in Switzerland or travelers visiting our city. They use the Swedish techniques to relieve discomfort from muscular pain, shoulder stiffness, foot soreness, headaches and stress related conditions or to feel most comfortable with the Luxury Spa Treatment or else a Coaching call to glow more. As a certified massage specialist, I use specialized trigger point techniques and other techniques to increase energy and I also support businesspeople to bring energy and calmness in their daily life.

In short, I am a warm and lovely person and I love to connect with likeminded people to bring about a win-win. Insideglow is available for individuals, couples, families or large groups. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon. Always bear in mind- “Make it a habit to care for your gut health. Add insideglow to your healthy lifestyle routine to see the difference.

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